H&F's Chile Adventure - Part Two: Pucon to Puppy

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Contain your excitement and applause. Part two is here. Big waves, waterfalls, average title work and tiny f***ing puppies.

In this second installment, Finn and Hugh take you from Pucon to Futaleufu then back towards Pucon, via the Rio Negro, then to a place called Cochamo. It's all a bit confusing, if you really want to understand, just have a look at a map.

Basically we did some driving, did some kayaking, did some filming and then I did some editing - enjoy!

Filmed on: Canon 550D, 600D, GoPro Hero2
Filming: Hugh Graham, Finn Burrows
Editing: Finn Burrows
Graphic design: Adam Dumolo

Adam Dumolo
A French Guy
Hugh Graham
Nini Bondhus
Nicole Dube
Nick Horwood
Beth Hume
Lowri Davies
Guy Genge
Finn Burrows

CHVRCHES - Recover (Cid Rim Remix)
Elephant - Skyscraper
Major Lazer - Get Free
Grimes - Genesis (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)
Benzel - Fallin' Love (Velour Remix)
Kidnap Kid - Vehl
Devendra Banhart - Mi Negrita

(Interestingly enough, although Rio means river in Spanish - it also means thirst quenching canned drink to many British citizens)


Duration: 10:36 | Feb 28th 2013

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